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JadedHavok Bay Ship Marina (or, a Fic Rec Masterlist)

Note: Entries without links will be coming in due time. If I can link you to a tag on my delicious for in the mean time, I will try to do so.

ALSO NOTE: I do occasionally post recs on slashworld and you can view my recs here.


BBC Sherlock:

Teen Wolf:

Hawaii Five-o:

Arthur/Eames (Delicious)

Sam/Dean (Delicious)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series:
Spike/Xander (Delicious)

Harry Potter:
Harry/Draco (Delicious)
Albus Severus/Scorpius (Delicous)

Lord of the Rings: (Fandom tag on Delicious)
Thorin Oakenshield/Bilbo Baggins

Merlin/Arthur (Delicious)

Sheppard/McKay (Delicious) (PS: Also, anything over at Keira Marcos')
Ronon/McKay (Delicious)

Star Trek:
Kirk/Spock (TOS)
Kirk/Spock (reboot) (Delicious)

Hercules the Legendary Journeys/Xena Warrior Princess:

Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump (FOB)
Gerard/Mikey (MCR) (Delicious)
Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden (The Academy Is.../Jonas Brothers) (Delicious)
Joe/Nick (Jonas Brothers) (Delicious)
David Bonk/Timo Sonnenschein (Panik) (Delicious)
Zacky Vengeance/Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold) (Delicious)
Jimmy Sullivan/Johnny Christ (Avenged Sevenfold) (Delicious)
Tom/Bill (Tokio Hotel) (See my favorites here WARNING: Members Online Site.)

Real Person Slash:
Bam Margera/Ville Valo (Jackass/HIM)
Zach Quinto/Chris Pine (Star Trek) (Delicious)
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) (Delicious)
Colin Morgan/Bradley James (Merlin)

Alec/Logan (Dark Angel)
Jim/Blair (Sentinel)
Shawn/Lassiter (Psych) (Delicious)
Clark/Lex (Smallville) (Delicious)
Sheldon/Leonard (Big Bang Theory)
Peter/El/Neal (White Collar OT3) (Delicious)

Ruined Childhood:
Corey/Shawn (Boy Meets World) (Delicious)
Sid/Andy (Toy Story)
Drake/Josh (Drake & Josh) Delicious)
Peter/Edmund (Chronicles of Narnia) (Delicious)
Stan/Kyle (South Park) (Delicious)
Bumblebee/Sam (Transformers)
HP: Hedwig

Master Fic List

I'm slowly transfering my fic to my writing journal, jadedhavok_ink. This Master List only includes what is still kept on this journal. To view my other work, you will need to go to my other journal. If you're looking for something specific and can't find it, ask me and I'll provide you with a direct link.

There are 115 fics still located on this journal and 67 over at my writing journal.
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Total Amount of Fics: 150
HP: Hedwig

Current Projects

Summer Goal: Write 76K before August 17, 2013.


Title: Currently Untitled
Fandom: Sentinel/Criminal Minds/Numbers
Word Count Goals:
Rough Draft Deadline: August 17, 2013
Summary: After going most of his life unbonded, Blair meets his Sentinel. At the same time, his young ward Spencer attracts the attention of a dormant that won't give up.
Notes: Looks like it'll be three parts.

Title: The Wibbly-Wobbly Tale of Sherlock and the Doctor
Fandom: Doctor Who/Sherlock (with Tom Hiddleston?)
Word Count Goals:
Rough Draft Deadline: August 17, 2013
Summary: Five things you need to know: 1) this completely disregards most of the Eleventh Doctor canon. The 9/10 TARDIS is not destroyed or replaced, for one. Some canon things are adapted, some are left completely out. I find canon to be more like guidelines anyway. 2) Donna Noble is my favorite and I will find a way to work her into this, this I swear. 3) Tom is the Doctor. 4) Time is wibbly-wobbly and all fucked up. 5) Sherlock is most definitely not the girl who waited. [Basically a retelling of seasons five and six, but screwy.]
Notes: Consists of four chapters and five interludes.

Title: A Successful Failure
Fandom: Avengers
Word Count Goals:
Rough Draft Deadline: August 17, 2013
Summary: Howard Stark was trying to duplicate the super serum, but is only partially successful with his son Tony.
Notes: Will consist of three parts, plus the prologue.

Title: Legacies (might change)
Fandom: Star Trek/Sentinel
Word Count Goals: (plotting stage)
Summary: Jim Kirk came online at the moment of his birth and after seeing the insanity his mother was driven into at the death of her Sentinel, swears he will never bond. Spock came online in defense of his mother, but manages to keep his gifts suppressed through rigorous meditation. Until Jim Kirk steps off a transporter in San Francisco and Spock blows.
Notes: Will consist of six parts.

Title: Pawn of Prophecy [Book One of the Inevitable Trilogy]
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count Goals:
Deadline: None (alternatively, before JK publishes the Encyclopedia)
Summary: AU where Voldemort doesn't rise to power (at all) until Harry has started Hogwarts. Wherein Snape is Harry's stepfather, Draco is a Hufflepuff (though he doesn't like it very much), and Lucius Malfoy should know better than to underestimate his wife.
Notes: Looks like it will consist of four parts, each three chapters.

Title: Untitled Bonding Fic
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Word Count Goals: (plotting stage)
Deadline: Heh.
Summary: The one where Stiles has some secrets in his family tree and Derek was the first one to ever hear his heartbeat. (Or, Stiles is Derek's mate and Derek is dumb.) [AKA the one where I try and make sense of the show and make the show make sense.]
Notes: Will consist of one three chapter part, and one five chapter part.

Farthest back burner of them all:

Title: Belonging
Fandom: Die Hard
Word Count Goals:
Deadline: None
Summary: There is more than owning, dominating, submitting, and being owned. There is belonging. (Inspired from Keira Marcos' "Everything" and will not be posted without her permission.)

Original Works:


Deadline: Meh
Tristan becomes a father, grows up, goes to college, discovers himself, and falls in love. Pretty much in that order.

Emmy Francis Series
Overall goal: 200,000 words
Overall deadline: May, 2016

Wednesday's Child (plotting stage, goal: 50,000)
Emmy's story, the early years, told from Noble's POV
Persephone's Pomegranates (not started, goal: 100,000)
Emmy's teenage years, told from Emmy's POV.
Leather and Lace
(not started, goal: 50,000)
Emmy's (eventual) happy ending, told from Rage's POV

Steampunk Short Story (Master's Thesis!)
Overall goal:
Deadline: May 2014

Fic that I refuse to abandon:
HP: Hedwig

Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield (this was an accident, I swear)

Recovery, Redemption, and Romance by Moonbeam
Summary: When Thorin is injured in the Battle of the Five Armies, Bilbo surprises everyone with his healing abilities. Then as Erebor starts to rebuild he continues to surprise people with his knowledge and skills. On top of everything else that is occuring there is a dwarf king and a hobbit who might be trying to court one another without the other knowing - while their companions are either helpful or confusingly gleeful.
Notes: Courting Fic! I have a thing and it is this. Also: WIP

Driven Out and Taken In by GreenT
Summary: After the fall of Erebor and the tragedy of Azanulbizar, many dwarves have come to hate the line of Durin. After losing his grandfather, father, and siblings, all Thorin has left is his nephews, who are no more than toddlers. When the meddling wizard Gandalf comes to the rescue, he takes Thorin and his boys onto the backs of Eagles to a place far to the west, in a dainty place called the Shire. He leaves the line of Durin in the caring hands of Bilba Baggins, who has never had the heart to leave home since her mother's death. The strong, nurturing Hobbit and the pained, stubborn Dwarf are stuck with each other, raising two boys in the curious and not always kind eyes of the Shire. (tl;dr, Thorin and baby Durins go to Shire, fem!Bilbo is caring BAMF. Bring it on Lobelia.)
Notes: Fem!Bilbo (a cliche in this fandom I don't usually approve of) and baby!Fili and baby!Kili. Also: WIP

Burned to a Cinder by ferretbaby
Summary: A Cinderella-esque AU. Bilbo, a lonely hobbit of the Shire in the valley outside Erebor, gets a job as a cook in the dwarf kingdom to pass the time and keep himself occupied after his mother’s death. One day he meets a regal dwarf, who he thinks is a thief and trespasser, and throws an apple at his head, never knowing he’s just assaulted the dwarven Prince. Thus begins the antagonistic and somewhat odd courtship of a hobbit and the next King of Erebor.
Notes: COURTING FIC AT ITS FINEST OMG THIS FIC. Warning: WIP. Seriously addictive WIP.

Gathering Dwarrows by TanukiMara
Summary: Bilbo Baggins stared irritably at the thick silver bands before him, thinking them more like shackles without chains than the symbols of love and maturity they were supposed to be. He did not want to be bonded, did not want a husband or wife, and did not want the responsibility that came with these damn things.
Notes: Courting Fic! Also baby!Fili, baby!Kili, baby!Gimli, and baby!Ori who are all ADORABLE. WIP

Coats and Customs 'Verse by imaginary_golux
Summary: AU in which Smaug never happened: Thror arranges Thorin's marriage to a hobbit. Thorin isn't entirely sure what a hobbit is.
Notes: Arranged Marriage fic. Kind of a bit of courting? Two parts, second currently a WIP (updates daily).

Made and Remade the Necklace of Songs by littleblackdog
Summary: In a Middle Earth where dwarves dream of Heartsongs and hobbits carry the name of their fated partner as private Mark, Bilbo Baggins had never been able to properly translate the strange rows of runes inscribed on his wrist. And likewise, Thorin Oakenshield had never imagined he would hear the voice of his Heartsong from a fussy little gentlehobbit.
Notes: Soulmate AU!

An Unexpected Addition by karategal
Summary: All of the dwarves survive the Battle of the Five Armies, but Bilbo must return to the Shire to sort out his old life and make way for a new one in Erebor. Over one year later, Bilbo comes back to the Lonely Mountain with a recently orphaned Frodo. King Thorin isn't quite sure what to make of this new, tiny addition to his Company.
Notes: Bilbo and Thorin raise Frodo together.

The After Stories by thebiffstar
Summary: A few years after the end of his journey, Bilbo Baggins is forced to leave his home, with two young hobbits.
Notes: After the shire is attacked by orcs, Bilbo takes Sam and Frodo to Erebor. Baby!Sam and baby!Frodo.

A Pinch of Cinnamon by Jensensational
Summary: Thorin frequented the same café every day at the same time. Originally it had been to visit his friends and family that worked there; it was one of his few chances to see them nowadays. He’d been busy ever since his promotion at the firm he worked at; but, he found time to go out once a day for a quick bite to eat and a nice fresh cup of coffee. After a year of this routine, the café hired someone new.
Notes: Barista AU. WIP

The Good Earth 'Verse by TheFeelsWhale
Summary: OR: That one where Middle Earth seems to be unclear about where baby Hobbits come from.
Notes: A series that begins with "Gardening", initially recced on SlashWorld. My first Thorin/Bilbo fic and the start of this insanity.

Pain-Bearer by lilithiumwords
Summary: In an alternate reality, Erebor was never taken by Smaug, and the War of Dwarves and Orcs never happened. The Orcs invaded the Shire, slaughtering hundreds and taking countless more as slaves. Bilbo is slave to Azog, the Dwarf King's mortal enemy... until the Dwarf King rescues him.
WARNINGS: ANGST, off-screen rape, off-screen torture, off-screen death of children and hobbits and hobbit children being eaten alive. ALL OFF SCREEN but still fucked up. WIP